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I’m a mind student. That is, I love figuring out what goes on in people’s minds, why they think and act as they do. I believe there is a whole universe inside of us, waiting to be discovered. And, while working hard at exploring my own, I make it my mission to support other people in discovering theirs and, beyond it, deeper truths inside themselves. That is also why I started this blog – to share my journey into myself so it can help others on their own inner path.

“Anagnostakis” can roughly be translated from Greek as “The Reader”, and I like to imagine this is no coincidence. All my close ones are familiar with my passion for books, but idea of “the reader” goes deeper.

In my journey inside the mind I stumbled upon the heart :).

I know now that the heart has its own mind, that people are more than their jobs or roles in life, that life is more than a string of moments and that we are all, at some deep level, connected. Every single day of my life I find out more about that connection and I’m perpetually in awe at its depth, breadth and meaningfulness. And I hope that the lessons and experiences I will share with you in the space of this blog will make you too a little bit more aware who you are, how you are connected to others and perhaps even give you the opportunity to have a chat with your own mind and heart.

When I’m not blogging, reading, painting or dreaming I work (although I stopped thinking of it as “work” a long time ago) as a workshop leader, executive coach and organizational culture consultant. Over the past 8 years I have trained thousands of employees on subjects such as  authenticity, personal branding, self-awareness, leadership, sales or customer service and took part in large-scale cultural change projects. I also coached tens of individual clients. After accumulating over 800 hours of coaching experience, I have been certified by the International Coaching Federation as PCC (Professional Certified Coach). I am also an accredited NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis Master Practitioner

In 2011 I left the corporate world in pursuit of a dream and founded Mind Learners, a training and coaching company aiming to bring self-discovery back into the corporate classroom.

If you are curious to know more about my CV, you can find it here. You also can find me on Twitter or Facebook and can read my articles (in Romanian) in the online edition of “Cariere” magazine. You can also Email me. But more than anything, I hope you take the time to stop by, read, feel and think. And, if you feel like it, share what you’re feeling and thinking 🙂


  1. Why isn’t there a big blue Twitter icon in the sidebar of your blog so it’s easier to see? Rather than buried in this bio. Or, perhaps I missed it. Feel free to delete this comment

    • I know- it’s a bit annoying to me too – but apparently this theme that I’m using for my blog doesn’t allow me to customize much on “share” widgets – or maybe I just haven’t figured out how to do it properly – I’ll dig some more in the wordpress “help” section to try to find a different way to arrange the Twitter/Facebook etc icons

  2. Robert E. Bentaru /

    Congratulations for that spotless English of yours!
    I’ve noticed quite a while back, the smarter the person, the better they are at expressing themselves in a foreign language.
    I know what good impression this makes on a foreign visitor!
    For sure, you can actually reason (that is think) in English, or you can do your shopping list in either Romanian or English without having a preference or giving a damn.

    Si stiu asta dintr-o sursa sigura!


    • Multumesc mult, Robert :)! I think my “relationship” with English is a matter of passion for the language and extensive reading, more than anything else, and I’m sure anyone can come to really know a foreign language, if they put enough effort into it. Nevertheless, I’m honored by your kind comment and would be glad to have you as a regular visitor on my blog.

  3. Cristina Mihailescu /

    I tend to believe in signs so I do believe that I haven’t found your blog by chance today, when I felt helpless…I have to thank you for making me cry for your lost love,for making me feel strong again ( you reminded me about learned helplessness and I know I can overcome it) and most of all for delighting me with your perfect English. My conclusion? With young persons like you maybe this nation is not doomed after all !

    • Cristina, I too believe in signs 🙂 I am glad I could, indirectly, be of help. I don’t think biological age has much to do with being young or old, it’s more about our spirit and how we choose to nourish it. I’m just hoping more and more people will start to take care of their hearts.

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