A Lesson of Patience and Persistence by Roxana Dragus

A while ago I was writing about my meeting with a beautiful, intelligent girl, who taught me an amazing lesson in humbleness. I wrote about our meeting gone bad and what I realised right after it. What I didn’t know is that Roxana – now I can reveal her name – would read my post and write back to me one of the most touching, humbling and emotional emails I have ever read. We had a second meeting – a wonderful, heart to heart encounter of two souls who were probably meant to connect and learn from each-other.   Roxana reminded me, once again, about the importance of compassion, about refraining from judging, about how easy it is to be superficial and arrogant, even, or especially, when you believe yourself to be wise and patient and, most of all, she taught me about the magic that happens when people connect on a soul level and not just on a mind level.  This is a girl who truly believes she can change the world and I truly believe she can and she will. I invited her to write a guest post, sharing her story and how it connects to our encounter. She is a young graduate looking for a job in an unfriendly work market. It’s hard, but she isn’t giving up. And I invite you, my reader, who might need someone on your team who is wonderfully authentic, open, brave and truly committed to make a difference in this world, to read Roxana‘s story.  When Alis invited me to write a follow-up of her article – “Today I remembered to be humble”, I immediately became stressed at the thought of becoming exposed to a large group of readers, to share my inner struggles, vulnerability and to publicly accept my imperfection. Here I am. I feel brave enough to tell the story of my last three months, my perspective on how I met Alis and why today I’m writing a guest post at her invitation. But, let’s take the story from the beginning. It all started...

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3 Leadership Lessons from Tony Robbins and My Grandmother by Veronica Brejan

Feb 21, 11 3 Leadership Lessons from Tony Robbins and My Grandmother by Veronica Brejan

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What could Tony Robbins and my grandmother have in common?…apparently nothing but still, they are both people whose personal example, determination and authenticity touched my life. Tony Robbins is an American guy whom many refer to using big words like „guru”, „outstanding psychologist”, „great motivational speaker and author” and so on. What made me start reading his books however, was not his fame, but his story. It was the rags to riches story of a young janitor who, at 21, was obese, lonely and poor. It was then that he decided to change his life and boy did he change it! He ended up a counselor for American presidents, great sports-people, members of royal families and all sorts of other celebrities. And then there’s my granny – a plain country woman who worked the land all her life, in the old communist colectivist system. She was orphaned of both parents when she was just a few years old. She didn’t choose to change her life, like Tony Robbins, but instead chose to live it simply, with determination and dignity. Ever since I started working in corporations she could never understand what exactly I was doing for a living. “Training and Development Coordinator” didn’t hold much meaning for her. What really mattered for my grandmother was the joy she saw in my eyes whenever I talked about work. Although these two figures are thousands of miles away both physically and mentally, somehow they both reached the conclusion that happiness is not about what we have, but about how we live our lives. And these are 3 healthy leadership lessons they taught me: Never mistake desire for decision! Tony Robbins wrote in his book „Awaken the giant within”, that modern people have started replacing good old fashioned decisions with fancy wish lists. We often hear around us things like “I’d love to have a more interesting job”, “I wish I could work for a company that truly values employees”, “I wish I could reach my target”,...

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