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UPDATE AUG 2017: I wrote this post two and a half years ago. They passed by in a flash. This autumn – Sept 2017 – the fifth group of Mind Learners coaches is starting their learning journey. This project has been a fabulous experience, by far the most meaningful one I have done so far. Friendships have been built, projects have been freely created by participants and implemented into their companies, the school has been ICF accredited and groups fill up on average six months prior to the start of the program. I have met some amazing people in this program and, as I get the chance to work with new groups, I feel ever more confident that the world is filled with brave people, people who are searching, finding, defining meaning into their lives, who are brave enough to do something worthwhile beyond themselves, for others, who have faith that the world can be made to be a better place and who are not afraid to pull up their sleeves and bring their own contribution to that brighter future. The journey continues. And here’s how it started: January 2015 In eight years of training, six of coaching and especially in the four years since I created  Mind Learners, I came to believe that nobody is too small to change the world. Because the world is changing one person at a time. I understood that each person who transforms can in turn touch the lives of countless others and I had the privilege to be witness of such transformations many times. This year I decided to bring together all I have ever learnt about human development and to create a framework where people who feel have a contribution to make, a mission to better the lives of those around them, to receive the confidence and know-how to further their calling. The mission of Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program is to prepare exceptional coaches, who will become capable of facilitating profound transformation for the organisations they...

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The Emotional Shield

I had a very interesting debate today, during one of my workshops, about the “layers” people use to protect themselves from others. We talked about the professional facade we put on, the public image we project, and the countless strategies we use to shield ourselves from the world and the harm it may bring to us. In her book, “I thought it was just me – but it isn’t” – one of my favourite authors, Brené Brown, writes about shame – an emotion she calls the “silent epidemics” – and holds accountable for many of the destructive relationship patterns and life choices people make. She explains how we use anger as a shield against shame, the mechanisms that make us want to conform to what others seem to expect of us and the shame which comes when we fail, the impulse to hide who we truly are because we are too ashamed to show the world that we are imperfect and too afraid to let ourselves be vulnerable. She also writes about our tendency to run away from shame altogether, by denying it, even to ourselves. She also discusses labelling, stereotyping and the habit of shaming others before they get a chance to shame us, or as a means of coercion – for example parents using shame as an “educational” tool. Reading this book made me think of the many ways we build walls to protect ourselves from the outside world and how we strive to defend the image others have of us. Today’s discussion made me think one step further -how we often build shields to protect us from ourselves. Take one example. In our culture, boys are usually taught to be strong. Of course I am generalising here and I am aware there are many exceptions, but still, statistics show us the leading trend. And the leading trend is that boys are shamed by adults if they cry or show signs of weakness, which tends to be considered a feminine attribute. The...

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7 Things I Am Grateful For In 2011

It is said that every 7 years we end a life cycle and begin a new one. There is a lot of mystique surrounding these 7 year cycles and I never really paid attention to it until this year. 2011 marked the end of a 7 year cycle in my life and it was indeed a very surprising year – a cornerstone on so many levels. It was a year full of emotion, self-discovery, transformation and growth. If I were to sum it up, I’t say it was the year of endings, beginnings and small miracles. And now, as the end of the year is drawing near, I can’t help but think of all the things that I am grateful for. There are many, but here are my top 7 reasons to say thank you! 1. Mind Learners – a dream come true A very important stage in my professional life ended this year. I decided to give up the safety of my corporate job and took a leap of faith, pursuing my dream of creating training and coaching programs with the brain in mind. And this led to the birth of Mind Learners – a dream come true. To me, this is much more than a professional change or an entrepreneurial adventure – it is an essential part of a larger, deeper personal mission. Mind Learners is the gateway to fulfilling what I feel is my vocation – pointing out a doorway towards self-discovery for others, and becoming more of myself in the process. 2. Finding myself This was the year when I reached a very important milestone in my own journey towards self-discovery. I finally realized what “self-actualization” means – it’s not about achieving something or becoming someone, but about rediscovering who you already are. I have come to believe that we all have in us the seeds of the best version of ourselves – we only need to look inside, face ourselves with all our inner lights and our shadows, accept ourselves for who we...

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Parenting – Lessons From the Trenches

I was writing a few weeks ago about a project that I and my partner have started, as part of our training and coaching company – Mind Learners. The project is called Mind Learners Baby – “How to raise a happy child?” – and consists of a series of courses aimed at helping future and existing parents to better know themselves and access their extraordinary potential of being a great parent. I was sharing with you my excitement at this new endeavor, coupled with my curiosity and desire to learn from all the parents who would be taking part in these weekly two hour workshops. Now time has come to share the first impressions I’ve gathered after the “premiere” of our project, which took place the day before yesterday – 14th July. At 5.30 pm 10 brave moms showed up, ignoring the scorching heat. We were really surprised at the turnout, as we thought that they wouldn’t leave the house in that kind of weather. But they did! And they were full of energy, and questions, and couldn’t wait to share their own experiences of motherhood. We spent more than 2 hours together, time in which they told us many stories “from the trenches” of this most wonderful and difficult job in the world – parenthood. We in turn, shared some of the valuable lessons that neuroscience has to offer about the workings of the emotional worlds of parents and children. What were my lessons from this experience? First and foremost, I learned that nothing tests one’s emotional strength and balance more than motherhood does. Being a mother (being a parent actually, but I refer more to moms as they were the ones giving voice to their family’s experiences) is like having your heart walk out of your body and stay there for the rest of your life. Although this metaphor is not my own, watching those mothers speak of their children was like solid proof that this is true. So never is emotional control...

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Facebook contest for free participation in the upcoming Mind Learners Workshop – Leadership 3.0!

Dear all, This is the first in a long series of contests to follow, dedicated to the Facebook friends of Mind Learners (we are planning to organize an open seminar, and a contest almost each month). So here is this month’s contest: By May 7th we invite you to write a few words on our Facebook page here (please, do keep your comments short, so readers can quickly form an opinion) about a book that you read and which truly influenced you – changed your thinking, helped you grow, taught you a valuable lesson. It should be a book that you would gladly recommend and that we all might learn from. Your comment can be in Romanian or English, whichever you prefer. Then, spread the word and have your friends come to our FB page and “like” your comment. Each “like” will count as a vote. We too will share your comments and invite people to vote the most persuasive. The author of the comment that gathers most “likes” by May 7th will get to participate for free (normally the fee is 950 RON) in our upcoming Workshop, Leadership 3.0. on 19-20 May. Keep the wisdom coming! [pdf...

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