Dan Ariely on Irrationality in the Workplace

Listen to this talk by Dan Ariely, a great behavioral economist  and one of my favorite authors, speaking about the many ways in which we are irrational –  he uses classic visual illusions and his own counter intuitive (and sometimes shocking) research findings to show how we’re not as rational as we think when we make decisions. Also, you can watch here a recent interview for McKinsey Quarterly, where he talks about conflicts of interest, power and irrationality and how we use (or misuse) our intuition when we make decisions. His whole research is a powerful argument for embracing our own irrationality and having it work with us, instead of against us. Enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts on it in the “comments” section! [youtube...

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Dan Ariely and the the rationale behind irrationality

Dec 10, 10 Dan Ariely and the the rationale behind irrationality

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Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist, a Professor at Duke University and one of my favourite authors. His career is dedicated to researching the intricate ways in which our apparently rational decisions are actually influenced by personal biases, social pressure or emotions. He convinced me once and for all that rational economics is dead, if it ever was alive at all, and that for a company to survive it needs to start understanding its customers as they really are – human, prejudiced, weak, subjected to irrational decision making. Apart from shedding some light into the many ways people can be irrational, Ariely’s contribution lies in discovering how to predict this irrationality. Apparently, “irrational” doesn’t equal “absurd” – there is a logic behind irrationality, and Ariely dedicated two great books to explaining it – Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality. Both make for a great read. Moreover, if you want to hear him talk, you cand watch one of his predentations at TED here....

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