The Story Of The Girl Who Talked To The Clouds

Jul 26, 13 The Story Of The Girl Who Talked To The Clouds

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Today a magical week has come to an ending. Dream Teacher Level I ended with hugs and dreams for the future, and a creative offering from each of the participants. Some sang, some wrote poetry, some drew. I wrote a short story, which I am now sharing with my friends from the workshop and with all of you who are on a path of self-discovery.  Once upon a time there was a little girl who could talk to the clouds. She knew it for certain that the clouds were her friends. She could ask them to bring soothing, fresh rain along on those long hot summer days when the scorching heat of the sun would burn everything in sight. She could also stop the relentless rain falling down on cold autumn nights. All she had to do was talk to the clouds and they would listen. She never told anybody that she could speak the language of the clouds. The blue sky and the shining moon were the only ones who could understand. The girl dreamed a lot too. She flew in her dreams, she travelled freely to this other world, a world of colour, sparkles, imagination and infinite possibility. She was a citizen of two realms: the “Here and Now” and the “Great Beyond”. And she was happy. But then something happened. Something terrible. She grew up. She started believing all these adults around who kept telling her that nothing exists, nothing is real but what can be seen, smelled, touched or measured. The clouds stopped talking to her and she wondered if they ever had in the first place. She stopped dreaming. Years passed. She became serious, down to earth, and advocate of rationality. She was respected and considered successful, but she felt empty inside. She chased that next achievement, always hoping it would fill that void in her heart, but that hungry, insatiable void refused to be filled. Then a miracle happened. She found a book on dreaming. An unknown force...

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Here, Everything is Dreaming

Jul 25, 13 Here, Everything is Dreaming

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This week has been a dream both literally and figuratively. I’m in the middle of the mountains, in the North-Western part of the United States, attending the Dream Teacher Training with author and teacher Robert Moss. You might wonder what a Dream Teacher is. Many people have asked me this question already. The answer might be longer than the scope of this post, but I’ll try to keep it short. Jung used to say that beyond our individual selves, beyond our individual conscious and unconscious minds, we are all connected through what he called the “collective unconscious”. It’s like a vast ocean of collective memories, symbols, archetypes that all of humanity shares. It’s where, he believed, dreams come from. The more you understand the workings of the collective unconscious, the more you understand yourself. Yet that is easier said than done because the unconscious has its own language, its own rules and its own means of communicating with us and sadly this is a language nobody has taught us in school. I have been fascinated by dreams and dreaming for as long as I can remember and I read whatever I could find about this topic. I’ve never really liked Freud’s approach on dreams, nor the obsession of the psychoanalytic movement to interpret dreams, to pin them down and put them into a box and use them as a diagnosis tool on a person’s state of mind. I’ve never really trusted dream dictionaries of any kind, nor superstitions of the sort: “If you dream of a wedding it’s a bad sign…”. Given my mistrust of dream recipes and diagnoses, discovering Robert Moss a year ago felt like a wonderful gift. His approach on dreams is exactly in line with what I intuited but never could really find support for. He believes we are all masters of our own dreams. Yes dreams are important, yes they are more than random electric discharges of our brain in sleep, but NO, nobody else but the dreamer can...

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The Time is NOW

As you walk on this imaginary road you will reach a house. It is beautiful, a palace almost. You know they call it the House of Time and inside you will discover amazing secrets of your past and future. But in order to enter, you need to reach past the gate-keeper. And he has one question for you, requiring only one right answer that only you can know: – What is the time? – The time is “NOW” – you reply, and the door opens. Robert Moss, the well known history professor, best-selling author and dream teacher, has changed my life in more ways than one over the past six months. Reading his books opened up a whole new world for me – a world where our dreams are much more than random electric discharges of our brain during sleep, they are a source of self-knowledge and guidance. Attending his workshops gave me amazing insights into my own inner universe while talking and sharing my thoughts with this wonderfully warm, open, intelligent, life-loving and definitely unconventional man has opened a whole new door for me professionally. I have started using his core technique, Active Dreaming, in my coaching and training and I can’t wait to go to Seattle this summer to start my “official” training as a dream teacher. The above fragment is a short part of what Robert calls a “dream journey” – a trip into the world of imagination, the world where our subconscious speaks to us, often in symbolic terms, and our possibilities and resources are unlimited. Sitting on a comfortable chair or right down on the floor, listening to the sound of drumming, one can easily journey into fantastic landscapes such as this. You can find the full journey to the House of Time in Robert’s book “DREAMGATES: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death”. In the “House of Time” you can find clues from your past and insights into your future. It’s is a wonderful visualisation exercise...

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The Dream Bubble

I spent all of last week in a dream bubble. Actually, the bubble in this picture was really present at the scene. It’s a soap bubble Bogdan Grigore captured with his magic hand and eye on the 4th day of CROS Camp 2012 – Playing. I’ve written about CROS Camp last year, in August. Then, it was a two day experiment that I had agreed to undertake. I thought I was going to deliver a speech and a workshop to students on a summer camp. I was wrong. I was about to experience something that would completely turn around the way I looked at my life. After those two days I made some very difficult choices that I had been postponing for a long time. As a result, I let go of those parts of me which no longer fit. I said goodbye to people who no longer walked the same path as I. I welcomed other people who inspired me and made me wiser. Among those people are my friends from CROS. A year went by and I returned to CROS Camp a changed person – more centered, more at peace with myself. This time I wasn’t in a hurry, I didn’t stay for just two days, but for the whole week. I decided to offer myself the full experience of a place and a community where everything seems to be possible and no dream seems unreachable. As the days went by, I felt as if I were in a dream bubble, growing stronger and brighter by the day – a parallel universe where friendship, openness, curiosity, fun and kindness rule. This universe has few rules, plenty of freedom and is populated by people who tend not to take themselves too seriously because they understand that responsibility and fun can go very well together. The recipe seems simple enough: take about 100 young people, all with their own histories and life experiences which they decided to share with others, and bring them together in...

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