The Dream Bubble

I spent all of last week in a dream bubble. Actually, the bubble in this picture was really present at the scene. It’s a soap bubble Bogdan Grigore captured with his magic hand and eye on the 4th day of CROS Camp 2012 – Playing. I’ve written about CROS Camp last year, in August. Then, it was a two day experiment that I had agreed to undertake. I thought I was going to deliver a speech and a workshop to students on a summer camp. I was wrong. I was about to experience something that would completely turn around the way I looked at my life. After those two days I made some very difficult choices that I had been postponing for a long time. As a result, I let go of those parts of me which no longer fit. I said goodbye to people who no longer walked the same path as I. I welcomed other people who inspired me and made me wiser. Among those people are my friends from CROS. A year went by and I returned to CROS Camp a changed person – more centered, more at peace with myself. This time I wasn’t in a hurry, I didn’t stay for just two days, but for the whole week. I decided to offer myself the full experience of a place and a community where everything seems to be possible and no dream seems unreachable. As the days went by, I felt as if I were in a dream bubble, growing stronger and brighter by the day – a parallel universe where friendship, openness, curiosity, fun and kindness rule. This universe has few rules, plenty of freedom and is populated by people who tend not to take themselves too seriously because they understand that responsibility and fun can go very well together. The recipe seems simple enough: take about 100 young people, all with their own histories and life experiences which they decided to share with others, and bring them together in...

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What Are Your Values? What Is Your Mission Statement?

Mar 17, 11 What Are Your Values? What Is Your Mission Statement?

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There is an exercise that we use in life and executive coaching that I’ve always found extremely valuable and think might be worth sharing with you all. Take 10 quiet minutes to think about 3 things: 1. What are you really good at and love to do? List all things that come to mind, anything that you know you are really good at and enjoy doing, hobbies included. If you are a good cook, put that on the list, if you’re a good listener, put that on too. When you run out of ideas, give yourself an extra minute before going to the next topic – that minute might bring on some new insight. 2. Whom do you admire? Make a list of all the people who mean something special to you, whom you admire for one reason or another. They could be family, friends, but also people whom you’ve never met, but still look up to. 3. Why do you admire those people? Try to think of the reasons you admire each person on list number 2. Make a paralel list of the qualities and behaviors you admire in the people you look up to. You should, by now, have three lists in front of you. Take a look at them, try to take a mental step back and see the big picture. Don’t worry if none emerges right away. It will, after you’ve given it enough time and thought. There is always some sort of subtle connection, some theme that unifies all the things you really enjoy doing and are good at, the people you admire and the reasons you admire them. After this inner interogation you should be able to create a short statement that truly represents you and what you stand for and also you should be able to list the things you truly value and that guide your choices in life. You should also understand better why you feel so bad in those moments when circumstances force you to...

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