About This Blog and You, My Reader

Why this blog and Who are you, my reader?

When I first started this blog, at the end of 2010, I envisaged my readers coming here to learn new concepts and ideas for building the workplace of tomorrow. I imagined people being inspired by my articles and book reviews to infuse more passion into their work. I still imagine my readers doing this.

Below you can read all about my initial vision of “Who Are You?” and “About this Blog?”

“Who Are You?”About this blog

Over the past year however, this blog took on a life of it own. I started writing more and more about living life to its fullest, self-awareness, tapping into that wonderful treasure of our own minds. The breadth and scope of my writing has widened way beyond business books and interesting psychology concepts. So has my outlook of who will be visiting my blog.

I decided to change the tag-line from “a blog for learning and inspiration” (which it still is!) to “a blog for students of the mind” because I believe that “who” will read this has become more important than “what” subjects I will be writing about.

I started both this blog, and my training company, Mind Learners, out of one, deeper motivation – a dissatisfaction with the status-quo and a belief that there is more to life than the daily rat-race most of us waste our time, energy and inner resources on. Behind this was the beginning of  a journey towards myself, towards a better understanding of my own mind and soul, a quest for self-knowledge.

This past year has brought me a profound transformation – I am now more aware of who I am and what I need to do with my life. I know I am not the only one on such a journey. In fact, I meet more and more people every day who are just like me. These are people who have started to ask questions, to look inside, seeking answers. They have begun to transform their lives, aiming to discover that authentic self who can truly make a difference in this world. And I aim to support them on their journey.

I believe it’s high time I dedicated my writing to all these people. I decided to call them “students of the mind”. In fact I believe the mind is just the beginning. They, we, are also students of the soul – people looking deep inside our own hearts to find a truth that perhaps we knew all along, but somehow have forgotten.

I will keep on writing about books, remarkable people, ideas that can inspire you. But every time I start writing, I’ll ask myself a simple question: “Does this help students of the mind on their inner journey?”. If the answer is “yes”, then that article deserves its place on this blog.

This means you’ll read more about experiences, life lessons, ideas that have the potential to make you think. I’ll also share with you whatever discoveries and mistakes I make along the way on my own journey, hoping it will help you on your own.

Last, but not least, I am hoping for this blog to become more and more a forum for discussion, a meeting place for those who travel on the paths towards their own souls. I’m hoping you’ll share more of your experiences, so that we can all learn from them. I’m hoping all students of the mind will find something to learn or someone to relate to. And I invite you to be part of this wonderful adventure!