Let’s Meet

I am a professional trainer and executive coach and the founder of Mind Learners, a training company specialised in using the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology to create leadership development programs where self-awareness takes center stage.

Over the past decade, I have trained and coached over 10 000 participants from tens of organisations and, in 2017, co-created a new leadership development project – Zenith Journey. It’s mission is to increase leaders’ levels of consciousness through transformational learning experiences. 

I am doing a lot of work in the field of organisation culture, having been involved in large culture assessment and change projects with corporate clients and am accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with over 2500 hours of coaching experience.

In 2015, I founded the ICF accredited Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program to guide leaders through a personal journey of self-discovery, self-challenge and change, while also equipping them with the tools of professional coaching, which they can then take further into their companies and teams to create a sustainable positive impact. 

You can find my full professional profile here