Let’s Meet

I am a facilitator, executive coach and co-founder of  Zenith Journey, an Australian based company specialised in using the latest research in neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology to create leadership development programs where self-awareness takes centre stage. Its mission is to increase leaders’ levels of consciousness through transformational learning experiences.  

Over the years,  I have been lucky to work with thousands of leaders in many organisations and different countries and have witnessed some truly inspiring journeys of personal transformation. I am perpetually amazed at people’s resourcefulness and capacity for change. This only reinforces my  deeply held belief that, by being more aware of ourselves, we can actually become not just happier, but also more responsible, more caring of others, more conscious of our impact in the world and more capable of actively choosing to make that impact a positive one. Conscious leaders build businesses that are not only profitable, but also ethical and sustainable, businesses that not only grow, but also nurture the wellbeing of their employees and become forces for good in the communities they touch. I am convinced that supporting people on the path to higher consciousness is a great way to spend one’s life, or at least a great way to spend mine.

I am doing a lot of work in the field of organisation culture, having been involved in large culture assessment and change projects with corporate clients and am accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with over 2500 hours of coaching experience. 

In 2015, I founded an ICF accredited  Transformational Coaching Program which ran in Europe for four years and is running in Australia starting 2019. Its purpose is to guide leaders through a personal journey of self-discovery, self-challenge and change, while also equipping them with the tools of professional coaching, which they can then take further into their companies and teams to create a sustainable positive impact. The program’s mission is to contribute to an “inside-out” process of organisational transformation – planting seeds of higher consciousness, equipping leaders to make a difference where they are. Over 100 leaders have graduated from the coaching program so far and many have gone on to create transformational coaching projects in their own organisations, creating ripples of positive change. 

In 2019 I moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland and started a graduate research program focused on exploring the most effective ways to build transformational learning programs with a measurable impact on participants level of consciousness. The core question in my research is: How can we, through adult education, help people develop their wisdom, not just their knowledge? 

After having witnessed so many amazing personal transformations in my clients and having gone (and still going) through my own, I am a deep believer in the power we all have to change, to grow into wisdom. I believe this power exists not only at individual level, but also at organisational level. I am keenly aware that nobody can create change for us but ourselves. Thus I am but a guide to those who choose to work with me – a supporter and a partner on their journeys. My art is not in providing definitive answers – I don’t have them and perhaps nobody does – but in being present, in asking powerful questions and in creating and holding a safe space for people to access their most precious resources. I work hard to be, as one of my clients once said – “undisappointable” – and approach my clients from a perspective of unconditional positive regard. I trust them to do the rest. 

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