Coaching is a process of accompanying another person on a journey towards their best self. At its core lie the transformative power of inquiry and dialogue, all done in a safe, completely non-judgemental space.  After thousands of hours of coaching, I still believe the magic of transformation that happens in a coaching process has less to do with technique and more to do with a certain quality of the relationship that is created between coach and client. As one of my clients so beautifully said it – the best quality of a coach is to be “undisappointable”.

I am accredited by the International Coach Federation at PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. The particular type of coaching that I practice is called “Transformational Coaching” because it involves a holistic approach which goes well beyond achieving goals and aims at facilitating a profound personal transformation of the client, empowering him or her to create a more meaningful and fulfilling future.

I work mostly as an executive coach with leaders from different companies, supporting them on their development journeys.