Dear all,

This is the first in a long series of contests to follow, dedicated to the Facebook friends of Mind Learners (we are planning to organize an open seminar, and a contest almost each month). So here is this month’s contest:

By May 7th we invite you to write a few words on our Facebook page here (please, do keep your comments short, so readers can quickly form an opinion) about a book that you read and which truly influenced you – changed your thinking, helped you grow, taught you a valuable lesson. It should be a book that you would gladly recommend and that we all might learn from.

Your comment can be in Romanian or English, whichever you prefer.

Then, spread the word and have your friends come to our FB page and “like” your comment. Each “like” will count as a vote. We too will share your comments and invite people to vote the most persuasive.

The author of the comment that gathers most “likes” by May 7th will get to participate for free (normally the fee is 950 RON) in our upcoming Workshop, Leadership 3.0. on 19-20 May.

Keep the wisdom coming!