UPDATE DEC 2017: I wrote this post two and a half years ago. They passed by in a flash. In the spring of 2018 – the sixth group of Mind Learners coaches will be starting their learning journey. This project has been a fabulous experience, by far the most meaningful one I created done so far. Friendships have been built, projects have been freely created by participants and implemented into their companies, the school has been ICF accredited and groups fill up on average six months prior to the start of the program. I have met some amazing people in this program and, as I get the chance to work with new groups, I feel ever more confident that the world is filled with brave people, people who are searching, finding, defining meaning into their lives, who are brave enough to do something worthwhile beyond themselves, for others, who have faith that the world can be made to be a better place and who are not afraid to pull up their sleeves and bring their own contribution to that brighter future.

The journey continues. And here’s how it started:

January 2015

Since 2011, when I created  Mind Learners, I came to believe that nobody is too small to change the world. Because the world is changing one person at a time. I understood that each person who transforms can in turn touch the lives of countless others and I had the privilege to be witness of such transformations many times.

This year I decided to bring together all I have ever learnt about human development and to create a framework where people who feel have a contribution to make, a mission to better the lives of those around them, to receive the confidence and know-how to further their calling.

The mission of Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program is to prepare exceptional coaches, who will become capable of facilitating profound transformation for the organisations they serve or people they work with.

I am bringing to this program all that I am as a coach and all the experience I have acquired from my mentors and from the hundreds of clients who offered me their trust in being a partner on their journey of self-development. I am happy to have a few friends beside me on this project, professionals who believe, just as I do, that a coach is that the one who can offer others the priceless gift of being “undissappointable”

We will select individuals who are deeply motivated not to do coaching, but to become compassionate, dedicated,  outstanding coaches. Our participants will be senior managers or professionals who have both the maturity and the determination to take the knowledge they will receive further and become change agents in the world around them.

It is our belief that one cannot instill change if one has not undergone change themselves. This is why the program will place great emphasis on self-awareness and our instructors will provide individual coaching to each participant, in addition to  all the feed-forward and mentoring on their coaching skills.  This will ensure that our future coaches have had, first and foremost, a transformative experience as a coachee.

While meeting all the guidelines of the International Coach Federation for ACTP (Accredited Certified Training Programs), this program has a unique structure, revolving around three pillars: Mind, Heart and Spirit. It will bring together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology and transpersonal coaching to offer participants a comprehensive view of what coaching can be.

This is a challenging, fascinating journey through the complexity of human transformation. At the end of the program, each participant will have identified and formulated their unique coaching approach and will be supported to set it into practice.

Because of the exceptional amount of one on one coaching, mentoring and feedback included in the program (142 hours of individual training and mentoring and over 200 hours of study overall), we aim to keep the groups small – a maximum of 12 participants. Each potential participant will have a discussion with the instructors prior to admission in the program, to determine their motivation to attend and fit with the rest of the group and with the mission and vision of this program.

You can find the detailed agenda and other information here. To set up an admission talk, please email me at: alis.anagnostakis@mindlearners.ro