IMG_1896Today a magical week has come to an ending. Dream Teacher Level I ended with hugs and dreams for the future, and a creative offering from each of the participants. Some sang, some wrote poetry, some drew. I wrote a short story, which I am now sharing with my friends from the workshop and with all of you who are on a path of self-discovery. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who could talk to the clouds. She knew it for certain that the clouds were her friends. She could ask them to bring soothing, fresh rain along on those long hot summer days when the scorching heat of the sun would burn everything in sight. She could also stop the relentless rain falling down on cold autumn nights. All she had to do was talk to the clouds and they would listen.

She never told anybody that she could speak the language of the clouds. The blue sky and the shining moon were the only ones who could understand.

The girl dreamed a lot too. She flew in her dreams, she travelled freely to this other world, a world of colour, sparkles, imagination and infinite possibility. She was a citizen of two realms: the “Here and Now” and the “Great Beyond”. And she was happy.

But then something happened. Something terrible. She grew up.

She started believing all these adults around who kept telling her that nothing exists, nothing is real but what can be seen, smelled, touched or measured. The clouds stopped talking to her and she wondered if they ever had in the first place. She stopped dreaming.

Years passed. She became serious, down to earth, and advocate of rationality. She was respected and considered successful, but she felt empty inside. She chased that next achievement, always hoping it would fill that void in her heart, but that hungry, insatiable void refused to be filled.

Then a miracle happened. She found a book on dreaming. An unknown force pushed her to open that first page. She did so reluctantly, but then she couldn’t put it down.

The book was a portal. A gateway to the future and past at the same time. As she read she remembered. She remembered she could fly, play, feel, hear, see and also do magic. And she remembered she could talk to the clouds. And now the clouds listened.