My life’s mission is to be a facilitator of self-awareness – a “doorkeeper” who opens a gate to self for others.  For the past decade,  building on my passion for the science of human development, I’ve been creating courses that help leaders explore who they really are and why they do what they do every day. I have coached my clients so they can lead and live more wisely and ultimately, so they can actualise their potential for flourishing careers and lives.

I deeply believe that, by being more aware of ourselves, we can actually become not just happier, but also more responsible, more caring of others, more conscious of our impact in the world and more capable of actively choosing to make that impact a positive one. Conscious leaders build businesses that are not only profitable, but also ethical and sustainable, businesses that not only grow, but also nurture the wellbeing of their employees and become forces for good in the communities they touch.

I am convinced that teaching people for higher consciousness is a great way to spend one’s life, or at least a great way to spend mine.  After having seen so many amazing personal transformations, I am a believer in the power we all have to change, to grow into wisdom and personal fulfillment. I believe this power exists not only at individual level, but also at organisational level and I am deeply committed to supporting teams and organisations to increase their levels of consciousness. 

I know that nobody can create change for us but ourselves. Thus I am but a guide to those who choose to work with me – a supporter and a partner on their journeys. My art is not in providing definitive answers – I don’t have them and perhaps nobody does – but in asking powerful questions. I work hard to be, as one of my clients once said – “undisappointable” – and approach my clients from a perspective of unconditional positive regard. I trust them to do the rest.

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Open Workshops

After more than a decade as a leadership development trainer, I have specialised in creating science-based workshops, rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology, that not only inform, but also inspire and transform.

Coaching School

The Transformational Coaching Program is addressed to leaders who believe that coaching is a means of actualising their teams’ and organisations’ potential and aspire to coach at a professional level in their companies

Transformational Leadership Program

Wise, conscious leadership cannot be taught. It can only be discovered from deeply personal experiences. This program’s mission is to create the framework for leaders to discover and learn how to actualise their deepest potential, and also to learn practical means to take all their insights and turn them into a real change project for their team or company.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process of accompanying another person on a journey towards their best self. At its core lies the transformative power of inquiry and dialogue, all done in a safe, completely non-judgemental space.

Courage is Fear Walking

The title of this post is a quote from a wonderful TED Talk by psychologist Susan David on the fantastic resources humans are capable of harnessing when they embrace their "negative" emotions. There is no such thing as "negative" emotions after all, Susan David says -...

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Mindfulness – a Life Skill for a New World

Just as nobody argues that, in order to maintain a healthy body, one has to eat a balanced diet and practice sports, lately more and more people understand that in cultivating a healthy mind and balanced emotional life takes work. Meditation is one way to get there and it’s result, Mindfulness, is one amazing way to step off the “hedonic treadmill” which makes so many people chase happiness as an ever elusive external goal and start looking inside for more sustainable personal wellbeing and actually building a joyful, fulfilled life, from the inside out. 

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Transformational Coaching School

UPDATE DEC 2017: I wrote this post two and a half years ago. They passed by in a flash. In the spring of 2018 - the sixth group of Mind Learners coaches will be starting their learning journey. This project has been a fabulous experience, by far the most meaningful...

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“Must”, “It’s Impossible”, “I’ll try” and other Tyrants

This post is for all the beautiful youngsters who are just beginning to walk their own path in life. It’s for all the people who have a dream and tell themselves every day that it’s impossible. Finally, it’s for all those who had the courage to take responsibility for their own lives and use the greatest right we have all been given upon birth – give their life a meaning.

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