As a leadership development trainer, my main focus is creating and delivering programs that not only inform, but also inspire and transform. My workshops are rooted in science (most powerful influences come from positive psychology and neuroscience).

Their mission is not just to teach new behavioural skills, but to create profound moments of awareness and motivation for change and to empower and support participants in defining their own path to their best self.

I create learning programs for corporate clients, as well as organise open workshops. For a more detailed description of the topics I cover in my work, please visit my company website.

Past open workshops

Masterclass session in Brisbane, Australia

31 Jan-1 FEb 2018

Begin the year with two days of reflection and inspiration. This Masterclass (4 half-day sessions) touches on four key topics – discovering your personal WHY, learning to be present moment by moment and cultivate MINDFULNESS, identifying and letting go of LIMITING BELIEFS and learning to work with your unconscious mind by setting INTENTIONS for the future.

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